Lasik Laser Vision Correction

For the first time in August 2007, we successfully performed Epi-Lasik for two patients with very thin cornea. This advance in refractive surgery makes available, the benefits of Lasik Laser vision correction for people with thin corneas who cannot undergo the standard Lasik procedure.

Lasik technology keeps improving

Our patients benefit from

Femtosecond Lasik form 2009

We provide state of the art Laser Vision Correction for the patients from Annanagar
and beyond. Our hospital has a team of well trained doctors, optometrists and supporting staff who keep the patients interest in mind while offering the best in eye care.

What is Lasik laser vision correction?

The power of the eye can be corrected by ablating and reshaping the corneal
stroma with a eximer laser. This rapid and painless process takes several
seconds. The invisible laser fires several times a second and is controlled by a
computer that tracks eye movements and compensates for fixation movements of
the eye.

Is it a good option for me?

Lasik laser is a good option if you are above 18 years of age,
If your power has been stable for the last 2 years,
If your eye is healthy and you are not suffering form diseases like diabetes or
severe dry eye.
Your ophthalmologist will do a detailed examination and is the best judge if Lasik
is a safe option for you.

Evaluation for Lasik

To see if safe laser vision correction can be done for your eye we will first review your
previous records. The refractive error should be stable. A detailed eye exam is done next. The retina is checked for microscopic holes and degenerations. If seen, these weak areas are fixed first with a green laser or cryo treatment. Lasik laser can then be done 4 weeks later. Tear secretion is measured next to see if an adequate tear film is present.
An Orbscan is then done to evaluate the strength of the cornea. The wavefront is captured with an aberometer to see if  Zyoptics technology  will result
in clearer vision.After these tests are reviewed I will advice you about the safest and best options available for your  eye.

Femtosecond Flap creation

Lasik correction consists of two parts. In the first step a Flap is created on the surface of the eye. In the next step Eximer Laser is applied to correct the power.

Till recently the corneal flap was raised with a computer controlled metal blade. Today it is possible to create the corneal flap with a second femtosecond laser. The iFS advanced femtosecond laser that we use provides safer and smoother flaps than the best technology available previously.